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Pearl of the Indian Ocean, Mauritius has much to offer. Seductive by its idyllic landscapes and tropical climate; Fascinating by its diverse mixed culture from Africa, Asia and Europe; Surprising by its growth and economic momentum; Welcoming by the kindness of the population and … Reassuring by its stability.

In the days of sailing ships, between the Cape of Good Hope and the East Indies, Mauritius has always been a welcome stopover for sailors in search of fresh water, fruit and rest on what was already considered like a paradise. It is quite natural that Mauritius today attracts foreign investors dreaming of linking a pleasant living environment to professional opportunities and tax advantages as well as retirees.


  • Île Maurice formerly known as “Isle de France”
  • Mauritius in English an independent republic since 1968
  • Former French and English colony
  • 1.3 million inhabitants, heirs to a long colonial history
  • Speaking mainly French, English, Mauritian Creole
  • Total surface area: 2,040km
  • 330km of coastline surrounded by a lagoon protected by the reef
  • The capital is Port Louis
  • The currency is the Mauritian Rupee Rs (convertible)
  • Located 3600km from South Africa (about 4 hours flight),220km from Reunion Island, 900km from Madagascar 560km from the Rodrigues island, Cinderella in the Mascarene archipelago, Mauritius dependence
  • A sub-tropical climate all year round
  • A French education system (kindergarten, high school, college, B+5 training, School of Business).
  • Little time difference with South Africa: 2 hours

Black River


Black River is a place for leisure and daily living.

Located in the southwest of Mauritius, Black River is a district known for its exceptionally dry climate. It is the perfect mix between the charm of an authentic village and all the infrastructures for leisure, shopping, facilities and services necessary for a quality life in daily living. Everything for nautical and land activities, and practical and nocturnal life is easily accessible on this coast. Nothing is missing for a lively private, social and cultural life: luxury shops, grocery stores and supermarkets; a variety of restaurants; international schools and medical services. And for the more active – sports and leisure facilities; golf courses; kite surfing spots and sub-marine dive centres. Black River has everything for a good quality of life.

You will find within a few minutes:

Ruisseau Créole Shopping Centre : at the entrance to the development, a small shopping centre on a manageable scale to go shopping, drink coffee, do photocopies, go to the MCB bank, buy sporting goods, eat out, etc ..

The “Nautica” business centre with the Pharmacy, Barclays Bank, restaurant, financial services, etc…

The “London” supermarket located on the Coast road, allowing you to stock up on local or international food products

Restaurants: The Bay, La Bonne Chute, Buddy’s Burger, Kozy Garden, Moustache Bistro, etc…

Several other shops: Wine, Bakery, Hardware store, tobacco shop, Petrol station, Materials, Pool supplies, Grocers, Pet, Furniture and decoration, a local Post office, etc …

The beautiful beach of “La Preneuse” is located just a few minutes walk from the access to the development and is one of the most beautiful beaches in the south-west of Mauritius. A gentle curve of golden sand, bordered by the shade of casuarina trees, and a transparent turquoise water. It is the perfect beach for long walks, refreshing swims and romantic sunsets.

You can use a direct access to the sea to put your boat in the water and a storage place in the Plantation Marguery area. Martello Tower is a monument of national heritage, built by the English and converted into a museum, overlooking “La Preneuse beach”.

This is an unmissable visit for those who wish to understand the history of Mauritius.


Nearby places:

Black River is undoubtedly a must-see in Mauritius thanks to the variety of its characteristics: pure nature in the Black River Gorges National Park, a tropical paradise in Flic en Flac and on Benitiers island, as well as colourful and almost unreal landscapes in Chamarel: a beautiful journey in perspective!

The Golf courses:

Constellation Marguery is ideally located close to 2 of the finest golf courses in Mauritius. On one side is Le Paradis Golf Club, an 18-hole course that stretches between the Morne mountain and the crystal clear waters of the lagoon. Tony Johnstone has played several bunkers and fairways on this exceptional course. On the other side, is the 18-hole Tamarina Golf Club, designed by Rodney Wright, which unfolds in the Savannah, the Montagne du Rempart and the clear waters of Tamarin Bay.

Morne Brabant:

Visible from your villa, a corner of paradise at more than 550m altitude, Morne Brabant is an imposing mountain located in the south-west of Mauritius. Surprising by its extreme aridity during the dry season, you can take advantage of its height to hike on the side of mountain and to discover breathtaking panoramas. But more than just a trekking destination, Morne Brabant is also renowned for its beautiful beach and luxurious and authentic hotels.

Benitiers island:

Visible from your villa is one of the best kept secrets of the south coast of Mauritius: Benitiers island. This little uninhabited piece of land benefits from its splendid beaches to give an air of earthly paradise. There are no hotels or water sports here; just a Robinson Crusoe adventure in the turquoise waters surrounding the island. Benitiers island is the ideal place to swim with dolphins; very present in the Black River region.

Crystal Rock:

Off the coast, about 200 metres from the shore, lies this suspended rock in the middle of the ocean. Unmissable!

Tamarin Bay:

It is a small peaceful village, far away from the tourist hustle, best known for its salt pans. Tamarin beach is famous for its absolutely incredible sunsets. The bay offers a shelter of choice for dolphins who offer a magical spectacle to those who can get up early enough to share the waters with these magnificent creatures.


This is the land of the seven colours, the region of waterfalls, an area where steep rock walls and several rivers mix. Welcome to Chamarel, one of the most beautiful landscapes in Mauritius. You walk here from ochre to purple and from chestnut to red in a picture straight out of the most beautiful impressionist paintings. Trek to Chamarel cross mountains, admire the beautiful waterfall from different angles, and soak up the uniquely timeless ambiance of the region. There is also the famous rum distillery to discover that should not be missed.

Flic en Flac:

Flic en Flac, far from clichés and tourist resorts, is a small village on the Indian Ocean. Mauritians come here throughout the year to enjoy the sun and tropical atmosphere in an authentic atmosphere. It is also the ideal place to explore the seabed. Under the translucent water, you can discover caves and wrecks that appear as animated by the tropical fish that make their home here.

Casela Natural Park:

A true nature and adventure park offering magnificent views of the west coast. The park offers four themed worlds: Safari Kingdom (Quad, Safari-photo, zone dedicated to the felines, elephants, Giraffes), Nature Kingdom (Bird Park, walk under the aviary, Mountain and water kingdom (Canyoning, Via Ferrata, Tyroliennes, climbing wall, Wave pool, Slides, lagoon with an artificial river), as well as a discovery and pedagogy centre (Wave pools, slides (for children and adults), a lagoon and an artificial river)

Black River Gorges National Park:

With more than 6500 hectares, the national park of the Black River Gorges National Park is a maze of footpaths each richer than the other. While there are only 9 different species of animals, there are 150 varieties of plants. The marked trails make it possible to walk through the park and discover streams that flow into the void at several hundred metres of altitude. The panoramas and promontories are also magnificent; it is not uncommon to have a superb unobstructed view to the sea.

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